University Gallery Catalog
Three concepts were pitched to University Gallery with different approaches to meet the objectives of persuading individuals interested in hosting an event to finalize a booking. The three concepts included A Blank Canvas, Make a Statement, and Bright Ideas. All concepts incorporated the architecture of the gallery space into the ideation phase of the design process. 
Concepts Pitched

A Blank Canvas | Create
The gallery offers up to 2,500 square feet of open, uninterrupted floor space for customized and versatile layouts. University Gallery is the blank canvas that can bring a customer's vision alive. The open area is clear, allows for freedom of planning, and unburdened possibilities. This design was chosen by University Gallery.
The layered square pages play off the gallery's architecture, recalling the nine skylights above. Components include a 12 page tiered brochure booklet with spot gloss borders, event information with a front folder pocket, interchangeable pricing inserts, and floor plan inserts. 
Make a Statement | Unforgettable
The history of University Gallery has close ties with the Vignelli Center for Design Studies. As a connection to Massimo and the Modernists, I used Vignelli's own Pantone Super Warm Red to create an unforgettable piece that commands attention. This choice embodies bold, confident, and meticulous efforts that will give each event success. 
The red squares used throughout the labeling system highlight the gallery's unique skylights. Tiered event inserts with information is housed in a pocket, including labeled interchangeable pricing inserts, and floor plan inserts. 
Bright Ideas | Limitless
The architecture within the gallery space features nine skylights and wall to wall windows that flood the room with natural light creating an environment that is open and spacious. Bright light filters into the space to inspire and spark bright ideas.  
A pop up model of the space in the folder exemplifies the University Gallery skylights and windows to remind interested customers of how light and airy the space is. Components include a folder with a cut out and pop up of the University Gallery skylights, business card slot, pricing inserts, and floor plan inserts. 
Department Newsletter
An editorial design that highlights events from throughout the semester that Student Auxiliary Services sponsored such as new sustainability practices on campus, RIT's global food festival, dining services training, and student events. 
RIT Hockey Souvenir Cup
A promotional hockey cup featuring team captains and their signatures used throughout the 2019 – 2020 season at Rochester Institute of Technology.
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