Marie Fabozzi is a visual designer with 5+ years of experience, a graduate of the MFA program in visual communication design at Rochester Institute of Technology. She earned her BFA from the University of West Florida in graphic design and a minor in environmental science. She believes that surrounding yourself with people who create outstanding designs, while passionately solving problems, will make a positive impact in your own work and that research is key to pushing solutions to the next level. In her free time she can be found starting a DIY project, learning something new from a podcast, or enthusiastically planning vegetarian meals for the week. 

Accolades include MarCom Platinum Award for onsemi campaign, Silver Student Addy Award for her BFA group exhibition Ripe, Tagged Packaging Design Award for Dart, and Behance Appreciation Award. She worked as a graduate program associate and designer at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies. Her most recent passion project, Plating the Past is a family cookbook that documents the stories of her family, discovering family genealogy, and scanning old family photos with over 80 favorite recipes handed down through the years.
Notable Clients