Interactive Timeline
Merative's objectives with the interactive timeline was to visualize contributions through the years to the healthcare industry and lay a foundation for the rebranding of IBM's Watson Health as Merative by building credibility for the company showing their accomplishments.
My Role
In this project I facilitated UX research, concept development, wireframing, designing responsive UI layouts for tablet and mobile, identifying statistics to call out in the milestones, selecting and creating the photography assets for client approval, and working with the development team to identify issues within the staging site before releasing final files to be implemented by IBM.
Health Insights Product Tour
I rebranded a microsite based on the new guidelines from the Merative brand team previously showcased by Watson Health about the benefits of their Health Insights product. 
My Role
Within this project I conceptualized the layout from UX to finalizing the UI for both desktop and mobile versions, added appropriate icons, brand photography, selected components from the figma design system, and worked with developers to create a new feel for the webpage. 
Sonoma County Integrated Care Infographic
This infographic shows how Merative's Watson Care Manager solution blends technology and humanity to help reduce homelessness with a focus on health and human services agencies. The custom graphics, highlight successful results in the infographic showing that 6,545 people engaged in the program with 85% receiving social services and 72% of participants housed.
My Role
Collaborating with the senior copywriter and associate creative director, as the junior art director for this project, I designed the layout, created custom graphics, and chose the photography based on the brand guidelines. 
Series of Merative eBooks
Merative asked the agency to communicate use cases for their health insights product to market to strategic audiences including benefits advisors, health plans, and government agencies. The solution was to create a template of interchangeable layouts as the strategy for the various eBook audiences.

Benefits Advisors
For this audience, the eBook focus is on helping clients reduce costs and improving overall quality of care. Case studies within show Merative's Healthcare Insights impact for companies such as Whirlpool Corporation and Liberty Mutual.
Health Plans
This eBook features selected case studies such as Ohio State University Health Plan and Ballad Health and how they are using Merative solutions to optimize their offerings.
Government Agencies
Within this eBook, peppered throughout are insights into population health and how Merative's databases can benefit the government segment.
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