Design Brief
Seeds of Strength aims to provide developing countries with viable seeds and the knowledge to allow female farmers to help carry the community out of malnutrition and educate others in their area. This puts these women on the path for success, especially since once learned, the information of farming vegetables which are more nutritious than grains, can be passed on from person to person. The target audience for this social campaign is those who want to donate to help struggling families and empower women at the same time in developing countries allowing for them to provide for their families.
Equality for Women
Female farmers produce more than half the developing world's food, yet own less than 2% of land and have limited access to resources such as seeds, tools, and information.
Solving for Hunger
The Food and Agriculture Organization reports that "if women in rural areas had the same access to land, technology, financial services, education, and markets as men...the number of hungry people reduced by 100-150 million people."
Minimizing Malnutrition
In situations where dietary choices are limited, vegetable consumption may make the difference between normal health and life threatening disease for the community.
Creating a Cycle
Seeds provided initiate a cycle of self-sufficiency that gives people resources to feed themselves, which furthers their ability to overcome poverty.
Poster Process
For the imagery of the poster, I bought physical seeds, potting soil, and vegetables and edited the photos. I cut out the type and arranged the seeds on tape to create the letterforms for the poster. 
The fist in the logo represents female empowerment by providing female farmers with resources to help those malnourished and starving break that cycle. The leaf surrounding the fist represents the strength of the vegetables that these seeds will provide to families in need of nutrition.
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