Page Health
The page health email is sent to allow customers to see which areas of their business website needs the most attention. For instance, I curated statistics to relate to each feature for use cases including inactive and active business solutions for favorite reviews, favorite photos, reputation pro, and sponsored placements.

By catering to each audience's business page, they can make smarter business decisions to keep their business thriving. Below you can find different variations for page health scenarios, that can be applied in a modular format to the base email layout.
Favorite Review Expired
This email is sent to Tripadvisor business customers X days before their fav review expires. The use case for this email has 3 iterations where the review will expire in 30 days, 15 days, and expired 1 day ago. With this in mind, the email content changes to more or less urgent to appeal to the different business audiences based on each situation.

The first section of the email explains why this is important for users to consider taking action by a statistic to grab the viewers attention. A clear CTA provides the viewer easy access to immediately update their fav review.
The second section of the email allows for the audience to dig deeper clicking into a related Tripadvisor article, by showing a video tour how easy the task is to update, or adding a compelling review about the solution.
Favorite Review Will Expire in 30 Days
Favorite Review Will Expire in 15 Days
Favorite Review Expired 1 Day Ago
Business Advantage
The business advantage email aims to get Tripadvisor customers to take action and use the features of business advantage. To engage the audience, there is a task count on the top of the email. 

Delivery of Task List
The customer will receive emails following with an updated list of tasks that are complete or incomplete indicated by the change in color to green, checkmarks, and task count.
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